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NinjaFirewall : the most advanced firewall for all your PHP applications

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NinjaFirewall (WP edition) : Overview

Editions   WP WP+
Compatible with shared hosting accounts  
Fastest and most powerful brute-force attack protection
(see our benchmarks: #1, #2)
Full standalone web application firewall  
Unix shared memory use for inter-process communication (IPC) and blazing fast performances  
Check your server compatibility
Multi-site support  
Protects against RFI/LFI, XSS, code execution, SQL injections, brute-force scanners, shell scripts, backdoors and many other threats  
Scans and/or sanitises GET / POST requests, HTTP / HTTPS traffic, cookies & server variables/names  
Advanced filtering options (ASCII control characters, PHP wrappers, base64 decoder)  
Hooks and secures HTTP reponse headers to prevent XSS, phishing and clickjacking attempts  
Response body filter (Web Filter) to scan the output of the HTML page right before it is sent to your visitors browser  
Blocks username enumeration scanners  
File uploads management    Block / Allow
 Sanitise file names
 Block / Allow
 Reject system files, ELF and scripts
 Sanitise file name
 Limit file size
Hides PHP error and notice messages  
Blocks direct access to PHP scripts located inside specific directories  
Possibility to prepend your
own PHP code to the firewall
   .htninja file  .htninja file
Role-based Access Control    Admin only  Admin
IP-based Access Control  
Rate limiting option to block aggressive bots, crawlers, web scrapers and HTTP attacks  
Country-based Access Control (Geolocation)  
URL Access Control  
Bot Access Control    Non-configurable  User configurable
Full IPv4 / IPv6 compatibility  
Configurable HTTP return code and message  
Activity log & Statistics    View log
 Widget Stats
 Live Log
 View log
 Select log
 Delete log
 Enable/Disable log
 Widget Stats
 Live Log
Rules editor    Enable/disable rules  Enable/disable rules
Works with any PHP scripts including ZendGuard, SourceGuardian & ionCube encoded scripts  
Antispam for comment and user regisration forms  
Real-time detection (File Guard)  
File integrity monitoring (File Check) to scan your website hourly, twicedaily or daily  
Events notification  
Supported languages    English
Automatically update security rules    Hourly
Requirements    WordPress 3.3+
 PHP 5.3+ (5.4 recommended) or HHVM 3.4+.
 Unix-like OS
(Linux, BSD)
 WordPress 3.3+
 PHP 5.3+ (5.4 recommended) or HHVM 3.4+.
 Unix-like OS
(Linux, BSD)
Online support   WordPress Forum Help Desk
License Type   Open Source GPL
License Fee     Yearly per domain
1 domain :   Free $29.90*
2 to 5 domains (18% off) :   Free $24.50*
6 to 15 domains (35% off) :   Free $19.50*
16 to 50 domains (52% off) :   Free $14.50*
50 to 99 domains (67% off) :   Free $9.90*
100+ domains (78% off) :   Free $6.70*
*if you are planning to use NinjaFirewall (WP+ edition) on a multi-site network installation, you will need one license only. Contact us if you are unsure.   Free Download Purchase License

WP or WP+ edition ?

Still cannot decide which one to choose ? Click here to get a more detailed description of the WP+ edition unique features.

Screenshots (WP+ Edition):

Updated on February, 2015


Firewall statistics

Firewall Options

Firewall Policies

Contextual help

Events notifications

Brute-force attack protection

Firewall log

Access Control directives


Web Filter

Dashboard Widget

File Guard

File Check

Live Log

Security Rules Updates

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